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Host an Alternative Kids Party with Our Video Games Truck Rental

You’ve held a lot of children’s parties in your time, and are looking for something entertaining and original to do when the next birthday party rolls around. If you want to try something really new and original, then you should organize for our video game truck rental to come to your home. With our mobile trailer, we can bring a host of Kids party video games to your home, and ensure that everyone can play. We can give you everything that you need to host a great birthday party.

Modern Gaming for Everyone

Our mobile trailer is 32 feet, and has the latest gaming options, including both single player and multiplayer, the most modern consoles, popular games, and adults can also enjoy our range of old school gaming. We use a range of LED screens and can host up to 24 gamers, with four inside screens that can cater for up to 20 players and two outside screens for extra gamers. Our selection ranges from E to M rated games, and focus upon social games and multiplayer experiences, including linking some together for additional competition and gaming matches.

Our Video Game Truck Rental

Rules of the Truck

We want to make sure that your kids enjoy a happy party atmosphere, and that means that there are some policies surrounding the truck. Even though we know that you are having a birthday party, we can’t allow you to have food or drink on the truck, since that puts our expensive electronics at risk. We also ask one adult to be present on the truck to look after the younger kids, while our gamer coaches can manage the older children. We also recommend that you host these parties for kids who are seven years or older, although younger kids may be accommodated if they have help from their parents.

Enjoy Our Range Of Games Today

When your kids want a great birthday celebration, we can provide them with everything that they need. Make sure that you get the best party experience of your kids’ lives by letting us host their birthday in our video game truck rental. We can make sure that your child and their friends are entertained by our Kids party video games experience, and you can let us do most of the hard work while you enjoy yourself. To book now, visit our booking page, or call us on (818) 672-1011 today.