The 4 Best Multiplayer Games for Xbox One

When the Xbox One was released, it sent the world’s gaming population into a frenzy. Countless hours have been invested since that day, countless games have been played, and countless levels have been conquered. However, no matter how fun the grinding and the missions can be in a game, there is something much more valuable than that – the opportunity to humiliate your friends in a multiplayer game on a Friday night. To help you get the most out of the experience, we invite you to try our game bus in los angeles and we’ve decided to bring you the best of the best – the top five in Xbox multiplayer gaming. 



Before Overwatch, you would have to scour for a long time if you wanted to find a team-based shooter that is at least stable. Everything changed when Blizzard took over and started designing this amazingly enticing shooter game. While testing your mind and reflexes at the same time, Overwatch allows you to descend into chaos and fight in a hellish 6v6 match.

The best thing? Every hero has a unique set of abilities, so you have to work in sync with your team and not just stat-pad kills and assists. This requires you to practice and hone your skill in combination with your teammates and their preferences. A worthwhile challenge.


Far Cry 5

When a Far Cry sequel gets released, it’s like the whole world stops for that day. And the next few days – it takes some time to test out the sweet co-op mode that has been the talk of the town.

After you’ve finished work, you and your friends can order some quality takeout and transport yourselves to Hope Country, Montana. With the new and improved graphics as well as enhanced gameplay, the Eden’s Gate cult don’t stand a chance against a group of brave warriors. If you call in sick for two weeks straight, don’t blame us!

the best multiplayer games for xbox one

Forza Motorsport 7

After turning your Xbox One on, you will be in a serious dilemma whether your screen is a screen or is it a real windshield. This dilemma is completely justified, as many fans and critics alike have called this game the most graphically majestic racing game on a console. Ever.

This speaks volumes, given the fact that it surely had some great competition in the last few years. Accessibility unlike nothing we’ve ever experienced will surely keep you hooked for quite some time.


Destiny 2

If you’ve liked Destiny, then you’re probably going to quit your job/file for a divorce/dropout of college when you lay your hands-on Destiny 2. Most Xbox games have a problem when it comes to the differences between single-player and multiplayer modes.

In Destiny 2, this difference is non existence, especially with this new and improved multiplayer system. There are new co-op missions, duels and everything you could have wished for in a console shooter. If we had to pick a game that is the most time consuming, Destiny 2 would take the crown, indubitably.