gaming as a team building

Gaming as a Team Building Tool – 4 reasons Why This can Change your Company Forever

Team building is a wonderful ritual that can turn a company back into the direction of success. It has many benefits, but it’s also filled with various flaws. One such flaw revolves around the notion of those regular trips being boring and unenticing. It’s something that gets said a lot, urging people to come searching…

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GameTruck – The 7 FAQs that will make you love this concept

GameTruck has emerged as an excellent idea in the ever-changing world of gaming. Even though people are gaming more than ever, consoles and games are still expensive. And games are still the best choice for special occasions. So, what to do in this and similar cases? Rent a console with games, of course. People all…

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ultimate game truck in Los Angeles

The Ultimate Game Truck in Los Angeles Brings All the Fun

Ultimate Game Truck in Los Angeles can bring fun at any party Finding new ways to make your child’s birthday party, graduation party or other celebration fun and exciting for him or her and all their friends can seem challenging. You have all the food and music that they will want, but entertainment can be…

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our video game truck rental

Host an Alternative Kids Party with Our Video Games Truck Rental

You’ve held a lot of children’s parties in your time, and are looking for something entertaining and original to do when the next birthday party rolls around. If you want to try something really new and original, then you should organize for our video game truck rental to come to your home. With our mobile…

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