kid’s party and video games

The Best Birthday Combines a Kid’s Party and Video Games

Planning your child’s birthday party becomes more and more of a challenge as they get older. Kids today are no longer satisfied with just cake, snacks, and typical party games to keep them entertained today. The parties you see at pizza places and bowling alleys have all been done before, and you know your child…

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why video game trucks for parties are a great idea

Why Video Game Trucks for Parties Are a Great Idea

Parents always searching for new ways to entertain their children at birthday parties, and if your child is in that awkward age between the start of school and the teenage years, then you may not know how to hold a good party that your child will love. If you have been searching for something original…

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game bus in los angeles

GameTruck – The 7 FAQs that will make you love this concept

GameTruck has emerged as an excellent idea in the ever-changing world of gaming. Even though people are gaming more than ever, consoles and games are still expensive. And games are still the best choice for special occasions. So, what to do in this and similar cases? Rent a console with games, of course. People all…

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