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Game Force in Los Angeles

Here at Game Force Gaming, we can bring a true “game force in Los Angeles” to your party. That means that we can give your child a party they’ll absolutely love, with plenty for both your child and their friends to do. We can do all of this at a low cost to you, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give them what’s literally the birthday of a lifetime. We’re able to do this in a variety of ways. In this blog, we’ll go over what we can offer you, as well as how we make your child’s birthday that much more special.

Our Game Force in Los Angeles

Imagine that you wanted a birthday for your child that allowed them to play video games with all of their friends. At first glance, that sounds pretty simple. So, you get the big screen TV, all the newest, hottest games, and voila… you’ve made a party for four friends. That’s about the maximum that you can get for kids all in one place on one system. Maybe you decide to get multiple systems and let more ids play at once. Now you’re out extra money for buying (or renting) televisions, video game systems and controllers. Oh, and of course you have to be able to put this all in one room. Otherwise, the party is going to be disjointed at best.

One Big Game Party

With our video game truck rental, you get around all of the problems mentioned in the paragraph above. See, we have all of the best systems and games that your kids are going to want to play. You rent us for the party. You don’t have to buy a lot of systems that you aren’t going to use beyond the day. You just rent what you need for the day of the party. That’s what makes our systems so convenient for our customers. By that same token, we come to you. You don’t have to drive out to some far flung location and then worry about getting back. Instead, we bring the party to your doorstep (literally).

Game Force Los Angeles

The Right Games for Your Kids

Your child’s birthday party is just that – a party. So, we tend to focus on giving your kids social games that have a lot of players and a party atmosphere. That means that we tend to shy away from one or even two player games, RPGs, that kind of thing. Of course, we only give the kids the games that you want them to play. We have games of all the ratings, of course. But, we only let the kids play the games that you want them to play with the appropriate rating. So, if you allow them to play M rated games, they can. Otherwise, we have so many E (and above) rated games that everyone at your party will enjoy.

A Venue to Play In

Somehow, we’ve gotten this far into a blog about what we offer without touching on the truck itself. The truck is, for lack of a better word, massive. The truck has plenty of room for all of the kids at your child’s party. That means that no one has to be “scrunched up” or sitting on top of each other, as they might be if the party were in your basement or somewhere similar. Your kids have room to move, enjoy themselves, and just be kids. As you’ve probably noticed, kids are pretty excitable when they’re playing video games. They don’t want to be cramped in one place. We make sure that they aren’t with plenty of room to move.

Maybe you have warm memories of playing Super Mario Brothers 2. Perhaps you still cherish those days that you went through Mega Man X and managed to get the Hadouken yourself when you were a kid. However, your kids have an entirely different concept of gaming than what we did when we were kids. They want the most recent, up to date games. We make sure that our library is always stocked with the games that have just come out. There’s nothing quite like that look on a child’s face when they get to play that new game that they’ve been waiting for for months (if not longer). Now, you can give your child that while they’re surrounded by all their friends.

When you’re ready to give your kid the birthday party they’ll compare the rest of their birthdays to, we’ll be here waiting. Our mobile gaming experience is something that every kid should have once for their birthday (at least). For more information or to schedule a party, give us a call at (818) 672-1011 or go to our game force website.