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GameTruck – The 7 FAQs that will make you love this concept

GameTruck has emerged as an excellent idea in the ever-changing world of gaming. Even though people are gaming more than ever, consoles and games are still expensive. And games are still the best choice for special occasions.

So, what to do in this and similar cases? Rent a console with games, of course. People all over the country have been raving about their service, so it’s time to get to some FAQs to get to know them better.


What makes GameTruck so special?

They’re the oldest game-renting country still operating country-wide. They’ve been through the PS1 and PS2 eras, so they have a substantial amount of experience. This yields efficiency and professionalism. Some details about the gaming world have changed, but the basic things are still the same and GameTruck have mastered them.


What do I need to plan a GameTruck party?

Visiting their website is a great start. You can view the nearest GameTruck offices near your place of residence and set the party up. You can both write an email and make a call, whether it’s just picking the time and place or more complex things like the colors of the consoles and everything.


Does GameTruck provide something more than consoles and games?

Absolutely. GameTruck handles the entire organization of your party. After you’ve arranged pricing, you can get many different planning services for free. This includes posters, invitations, and everything else you might think of.


What consoles are available?

GameTruck parties can be conducted using the following consoles – Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii-U and Nintendo Switch. You also have the option of requesting specially colored consoles, but these require reservations in advance and aren’t always available. In some areas, there are options for getting older consoles, meaning that you’re going to have to check personally with the local representative.


Is there supervision included?

Of course! Every GameTruck party includes a certified GameCoach, who’s trained to conduct these parties and make your gaming experience more fun than you could have ever imagined. He will handle being the referee and an advisor, all at once. Our GameCoaches possess extensive knowledge about all of our 60+ games, so there will be no mysteries or conundrums.


Are there discounts depending on the number of consoles I rent?

In some cases, this is possible. The price of the party depends on the number of people that will be attending, so the final price is known only after all the details are arranged. There are also special discounts during the holidays and for bigger events.


What are the benefits of GameTruck parties?

While kids love our parties and have fun, they aren’t just for them. GameTruck parties are an excellent choice for team building for companies and firms, allowing your employees to engage in healthy competition and innocent fun. Such an activity will help your employees traverse the already long work week and allow them to become happier, more fulfilled and relaxed!