gaming as a team building

Gaming as a Team Building Tool – 4 reasons Why This can Change your Company Forever

Team building is a wonderful ritual that can turn a company back into the direction of success. It has many benefits, but it’s also filled with various flaws. One such flaw revolves around the notion of those regular trips being boring and unenticing. It’s something that gets said a lot, urging people to come searching for a new team building alternative. An excellent candidate would be gaming.

The ritual of gaming as team building means has only appeared recently, with several experts and psychologists jumping on the bandwagon, after careful observation. It’s time to give this revolutionary sport a chance and allow it to become an inseparable part of your office life. And you can do that by hiring the ultimate game truck in Los Angeles at Game Force Gaming.

Competitive spirits

Gaming is an activity with an objective, first and foremost. There is a goal, and in multiplayer games, you have to beat somebody to achieve what you intend to. This creates an atmosphere of competitiveness inside the office – something that is always welcome. By having your employees face off against each other in Tekken, Mortal Kombat or NBA 2K, you will bring some much-needed flair into the office.

Such activity can have a positive effect on the mind, psychologists say. A competitive situation can very easily sway the person and cause an increase in drive and performance in a matter of days. If you want, you can organize tournaments with the prize.

gaming as a team building

Everybody will be on the same level

Even though every office has higher and lower ranked employees, it’s important to have everyone feel like they’re equal. It’s a key component of a good team building initiative and gaming can help spread equality. Everyone starts off the same, and their position doesn’t matter. Maria, the cleaning lady, can very well beat Mike from accounting in PES or any racing game.

This feeling of equality in the air will loosen things up and allow everyone to see each other for what they really are – humans. Jokes, fun, and smiles will be on the rise after the first session.

More fun will increase productivity

Ever since the industrial revolution, exists a trend that simply won’t die. It’s that stupid assumption that more work is better. This can’t be less true, and it’s the main reason why companies need to boast a fun and enticing workplace to motivate their employees. Gaming can be the best bridge here, in terms of connecting the notions of team building and helping the company grow.

Instead of working a full 9-5, make Fridays 9-2 days with those last three hours for gaming. It will be fun, plus your colleagues and employees can ease into the weekend and enjoy themselves.

Getting to know one another

Such a free and fun activity can give you the unique chance of getting to know your colleagues in the most personal of ways. Knowing if someone likes Tekken or FIFA more can be an excellent conversation starter and a vital piece of information when establishing friendships on the job.

Also, because many grownups like video games, gaming on the job may be a good way to let everyone release the nerd that dwells within. It’s also an ingenious way from the stresses of everyday life.