Have A Blast With Video Game Trailer Truck Rental

Have A Blast With Video Game Trailer Truck Rental

As your kids get older, they will be less keen on traditional birthday parties, and the days of ice cream and party games will be over. However, that doesn’t mean that parents have to give up on the idea of having a special celebration for their kid’s big day, and in fact the day can be an excuse for the adults to spoil their kids with a treat that will appeal to tweens and teenagers alike. If you are wondering how to entertain older kids, then a Video game trailer truck rental might be the ideal solution.

Having Fun With Video Games

The generation between the ages of 10 and 18 are often fixated with different types of videogames, and their parents may have some idea of what they would like to see from their birthday party, including Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and the latest Wii game platform. With big LED screens and multiplayer games, the partygoers can play several different games at once, and there is even space for people outside the truck to watch and participate. This means that you can fit in at least 24 kids, making sure that your party is a memorable one for the right reasons.

Have A Blast With Video Game Trailer Truck Rental

On The Day Of The Party

When you have organized your party truck, you will need to make sure that you have the two park the truck, which is around 32ft, not including any space for outside gamers and adults to watch. You can arrange for the trailer to be waiting for the kids to arrive, so that there will be people playing inside as the kids come up to the party. This is so that you don’t have a dozen kids hanging around board while you’re waiting for the trailer to turn up.

Call Us For An Excellent Birthday Party

If you are looking for a business offering Video game trailer rental in LA, then Game Force Gaming is the ideal business. We have had plenty of satisfied customers, and we come at a very reasonable price, when compared with other tween and teenagers parties such as bowling or laser tag. To see what we have to offer your kids for their birthday party, or to talk to our team about the games that we have available to play on a truck, contact us through online message leaving your details, or call us now 818-672-1011.