game bus in los angeles

Hop Aboard a Game Bus in Los Angeles

Kids and adults alike today are caught up in the video game craze. As much as everyone likes to play these games, the problem most of us run into is that our gaming system or console is limited in the number of people that can play at once. You might have eight kids over at your child’s birthday party but only have four controllers to go around, leaving kids out to just watch the action. If you had space for more you would do it, but who has the room in their home for that? A better solution for you for your next party is to have everyone hop aboard a video game bus in Los Angeles like what we offer at Game Force Gaming.

Our Bus Comes to You

When you rent our vehicle for your party, we bring it right to your location for you to use. You can get one of our trucks that’s basically a party on wheels all on its own. We offer large HD LED screens for the games, and we have an immense selection of video games for you to play, including games that are all the rage right now as well as the classic games that both kids and adults love to play.

game bus in los angeles

Play a Game Inside or Outside

Using our video game bus in Los Angeles means you and your guests have the chance to play games either outside or inside. We have screens mounted on the exterior of the truck so people can enjoy playing with stereo sound outdoors. We also have a stylish interior so that kids or adults can sit in luxury and up to twenty gamers can play all at once inside the vehicle. All told, you can have up to twenty-four people enjoying different games at the same time inside and out, so everyone gets involved.

Bring the Bus to Your Los Angeles Party

Renting a video game bus in Los Angeles from us at Game Force Gaming is a snap for you. All you need to do is make use of our online reservation system here on our website and choose the package you want. You can also call us at (818) 672-1011, and a member of our staff will assist you in booking a vehicle for your event. Hop aboard our video game bus and your party will feature nonstop fun for everyone!