Ultimate Kids Party Video Games

Ultimate Kids Party Video Games

A kid’s party includes video games now. That’s just how most parties go. The days of “pin the tail on the donkey” or “sleep over and see what movie is on basic cable” are pretty much over. Now, for a party to register for your kids, you have to give them something they’ve never experienced before (that also involves one of their favorite activities). That’s where we come in. We can give your kid a birthday party like they’ve never seen and we can make it easy on the parents at the same time. In the article below, we’ll discuss what we can give your kid’s birthday party as well as some pointers on how to make the party so much more special.

Social Kids Party Video Games

Did you ever play video games at a party when you were a kid? Maybe you went to a location that had arcade games, or maybe you played a console system at someone’s house. For a lot of us, a “video game party” consisted of: “the kids who were really good played the video games. Everyone else ate chips and watched.” That had a brief moment of fun maybe, but if you weren’t one of the kids who was good you could have had a better time. That was especially true if it was your birthday party and you had the extreme honor of watching someone from your math class dominate “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II” from Konami or something. We make sure everyone gets involved.

Video Games for All

We focus on making sure that we offer your kids what are called “social games.” That means that they’re video games that everyone can play. There are lots of players, the games are fun, they move fast, they’re new and exciting, but everyone can be involved who wants to be involved. None of the kids will feel left out or like there’s nothing for them to do. They won’t have to be spectators; they can be participants, enjoying the games alongside everyone else. That really contributes to the feeling of it being a party, a true celebration where everyone involved is having a good time.

Ultimate Kids Party Video Games

The Newest Games

The only way our business works is if we have the latest, greatest games. We always make sure that we have the games that your kids are going to want to play. If it comes out and it’s hot, we have it to play in our truck. There would be nothing worse in our business than being booked for a party, and then your child steps on our truck and finds that they can’t play the game they wanted to play with all of their friends. So, when you book us, we make sure that we have the hottest games that your child and all their friends will be talking about. This makes the party better for everyone.

The Right Games for the Party

That being said, we’re always conscious of the ratings for our games, too. M rated games aren’t appropriate for every party. We only allow the kids to play the games that you tell us are appropriate for them. The rating system exists for a reason. If you want the kids to play the M rated games, we can do that, but we also have so many other E for Everyone games as well. The point of the party is for everyone to have fun. Beyond that, it’s also for the parents not to have to worry. We can make a gaming party that fits your expectations so that you have peace of mind, too.

Our truck has everything that your kids will need for their best birthday party. First off, we have six 55’’ HD LED screens. That means that everyone will be able to play and beyond that, they’ll be genuinely blown away by how massive the screen and speakers are. We also made sure that our game setting is as plush and comfortable as possible. That means that your kids can move around comfortably, freely and always feel good about where they are. Kids tend to move around a lot when they’re playing video games, so our setting gives them space to be kids while they play.

Video game birthday parties have come a long way from “bring your Super Nintendo in a backpack to your friend’s house.” Now, with our Game Force truck, we can bring the birthday party to your. You don’t have to travel for a great birthday party, we’ll be right there for you and your kids. A birthday party should feel like a celebration, and that’s what our truck does. To talk further or schedule a birthday, give us a call at (818) 672-1011 or head to our website.