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Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 – 3 things that make them very different

Console gaming is gaining traction more than ever. This isn’t just because of excellent games being released on a weekly basis. Such a resurge has to place at least some of the credit into the hands of the consoles itself. Two particulars ones are ruling the gaming world with an iron fist – the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Five years after their release, these games are showing no signs of slowing down. There’s no better way to enjoy than hiring a gaming truck in santa clarita.


We see them pitted against each other in debates so much, begging the question – what are their main differences? What makes the one special over the other? We’re going to give you a quick overview, just so you can be sure when you buy.



Let’s start with the aesthetic part of these beautiful machines, shall we? Both devices are slim, but the new PS4 is slightly smaller in terms of sleekness. An upgraded version, the PS4 Pro is a little bit chunkier and fatter. The Xbox resembles a box more, and you’ll love it if you’re a fan of the square design.


The controllers are another thing that separates these two. The Xbox One has customizable texture grips, whereas the PS4 boasts a Dualshock 4 joystick equipped with a touchpad and lightbar. Additionally, you can micro-charge it via USB-C straight out of the box. The Xbox needs batteries.

xbox one

Graphics and performance

To be honest, in most cases you can’t tell the difference between image quality and efficiency on both consoles. This is true for the basic versions of the consoles – the Xbox One X and boasts the best overall specs in the entire console world. The PS4 Pro lags behind it a little bit, but without many evident differences.


Another thing to consider is that many titles exist in 1080p for the PS4 only. Two notable examples are Batman: Arkham Knight and Shadow of Mordor. You can still enjoy them in 900p on your Xbox One. The performance differences all stem from release and licensing disputes. Stock Xboxes and PS4s are basically the same, meaning the only valid criterium is preference.


Price and Exclusives

The Xbox One S is the cheapest console option, starting at $279, being slightly more expensive than the $299 PS4 Slim. When it comes to the upgraded versions, the situation is a little bit different. The premium PS is $100 cheaper than its Xbox counterpart. Despite the fact that the Xbox provides better 4k gaming options, such a price difference is absurd, regardless of the situation at hand. Plus, the Xbox One S can be used as a Blu-ray player, giving you added benefits.


When it comes to exclusive titles, you will notice that Sony has much more in its already incredible repertoire. Games like God of War, Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn have proven to be masterpieces and look like they don’t have any intentions to visit Microsoft’s gaming console any time soon. Things might be able to change, given the fact that only Xbox runs PUBG right now.